SHIKI [2015]

Car Interior
Client: Taica Co., Ltd. / 株式会社タイカ
Produce: Musashino Art University / 武蔵野美術大学

I was invited to design the interior of SHIKI, a small, automatically-driven sightseeing bus, developed by Musashino Art University and Taika Co. Ltd., a company known for its curved surface printing technology. Employing a theme of seasonal hospitality, I have created an interior ambiance that reflects the scenery of Japan’s four distinct seasons. I used pink to invoke the spring blossoming of the elegant sakura tree, blue to conjure summer days on the ocean, orange and red to capture the beautiful melancholy of autumn leaves, and white to mirror the snowy magnificence of winter. The seasonal beauty of Japan is conveyed through this innovative interior design, a design that will encourage visitors enjoy the country in all its four-season splendor.